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(1/5) Title bar

Here you find links to the contractor, project title and a Google maps link. Change the language here.

Above in the project administration users with several projects can change their password.


(2/5) Overview and map view

Click here on an tab and the map view will be shown with different symbols.


(3/5) Preview area

You filter the previews with choosing year and week of calendar. Click on an preview image to open a full-screen view with additional tools. Documents are shown here as well.


(4/5) Legend/Filter & project infos

On the right side you can filter Icons/Symbols, turn them on or off. In the project infos you will find an overview and further information. In the ZIP-Archive you can download the latest data for this project and will find the associated users.


(5/5) Good luck...

...with documenting, communication and presenting with vistadoc.

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